Masterflex ® Drives with Advanced Networking and Communication

Faster, less expensive automation integration—no gateways or adapters needed

• Native Ethernet/IP or Profibus communication—no additional hardware or firmware required
• Includes .EDS or GSD standard text files for upload

• Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and iOS-based mobile app permit local pump
monitoring and control
• Cloud-based remote pump monitoring capability provides operational status and alerts
• Compatible with most of today’s advanced automation control systems, such as
Allen-Bradley®, Siemens®, Emerson®, and Honeywell®

Take control of your process with Masterflex L/S® and I/P® drives with advanced networking
and communication. All units are equipped with Masterflex open-head sensor technology, can
accept the full range of Masterflex L/S or I/P pump heads, and use tubing from the broadest selection
of performance materials in the industry. The drives are ideal for industrial networking, bioprocessing,
plant automation, or water/wastewater applications.